Age will not weary Tim, nor the years condemn, but the ones condemned are 

those destroying Australia’s values.


Tim Fischer AC has been lauded as a thinker and doer, by PM Morrison and Deputy PM McCormack – but both distorted the legend in an apparent effort to downplay their comparative ineptitude. In particular, Tim was Chairman of Tourism Australia when Morrison had to depart there under a cloud of suspicion.

If PM Morrison is in trouble over Liu, add plagiarism, incompetence, misogyny, cronyism on a larcenous scale, and plain, ordinary ignorance of due diligence and proper management and political processes. “Honest John’s” manipulations of “Children Overboard", Coalition of the Willing (with the deceitful Blair), and “Wheat for Weapons” (and kick-backs everywhere) challenge Arthur Sinodinos’ unquestioned-to-date right to take the left seat to Morrison in Washington, especially as he has white-washed unAustralian brutal unfairness.

Menzies would be spinning in his grave at the depths his Liberal Party and the Nats have sunk to.   Now the ethical Governor of the Reserve Bank has been entangled in PM Morrison's Trumpian games.

Tim Fischer had his contentious moments but I can tell you that he shared my contempt for the conduct of the current actors. The media have missed the essence of the great man. He was an historian in a world when to not understand history leads to repeating its mistakes. He was a practical innovator, addressing problems and articulating relevant reforms. 

He was honourable in such matters, caring for communities and citizens, honest and never self-serving, and very privately critical of the people now in power for their arrogance.  His precedents in this statesmanship, all Catholics, included the greatest statesman the city has produced, Sir Thomas Hughes, and its greatest transport minister, Peter Cox, who was a long-term Parliamentary friend of Tim.

The bottom line is, I’ve had enough wilful and malicious treatment, if the Government wants to fight on in their sinking ship, they will get what they asked for – their good names sullied in eternity.  

Tim's memory will live in glory.

Tim’s transport histories and love for Monash will survive him, but his character will fade if the current neglect and distortion are allowed to prevail.

I shared all those attributes with Tim except that vicious plagiarism and un-Australian unfairness have dragged me out of the bushes and turned me into a crusader for my citizen’s rights and the future of the Sydney and NSW I love.

Tim and I agreed about a positive agenda and how to achieve it, in this difficult political climate. I need Ministers and backbenchers to listen to our message, please. I trust you will read down to the box and scan the information notes that follow.

I’d known him for 39 years and rekindled the friendship when I moved to Victoria, with the help of Sussan Ley who gave me Tim’s email address.

Tim invited me to his launch of the Victorian regional rail plan, and I gave the author and him information on Computable General Equilibrium modelling based on my major work on the shovel-ready NW, SW and Parra/Epping Links, which Mr Hartcher and Ms Berejiklian loved.

From that point I shared drafts with Tim and he was impressed and supportive. He invited me to have coffee with him in Albury, between doctors’ appointments, in October 2018. 

We covered a large range of topics and I was able to give him material for his Steam book’s next edition. I hope that Professor Rob Lee and I can finish that in his memory. Tim accepted a potential role in my Institute for Forgotten Heroes, of which he is now one (never to be forgotten but well deserving of praise and remembrance).

Tim was upset at the way I have been treated by both Federal and NSW Coalitions and by the Nationals leadership group. We agreed to a number of reforms to 

  • Inland Rail: the feasibility and CSIRO reports did not include the largest potential flow, containers, $70 m in annual savings is about 1 month’s financial obligation
  • fast trains; Mandurah instead of CLARA which is impossible; or Albanese’s 80-year vision which is too late and too expensive
  • the metro and WestConnex entanglements (below)
  • the Goanna Transit Bridge (described by two former Mains Roads Commissioners as the best idea since 1945 or earlier), with Flexity Swiftas (credit to Professor Lee)
  • ports and freight, see bullets at bottom, and my 
  • Bondi/UniSyd “expressnets” using PRT. 

I have also developed traffic relievement schemes for Bowral and the Mornington Peninsula but MsP and mayors won’t talk to me. 

Tim made comments about persons I will not repeat but the gist was as stated here.  

There are crises in just about every stream of DIRD’s and NSW’s programs which are destroying current and future generations’ stakes in congestion, living affordability, air and general environmental quality, equity in taxation and services across regions, the economic viability of freight and port systems and their communities, and demographics, and better managing immigration and natural population growth. 

I seem to have the Federal and NSW Governments panicking about major project topics as well as the look of deliberately preventing my donations to Save the Children and Salvos, bushfire risk housing, Men of League and the Mark Hughes Foundation (Beanies for Brain Cancer), the Tim Fischer special train to aid regional revival, and the institute mentioned later. 

It was I who pressured the $4 billion from the Snowy sale after publicising the $4 billion regional shortfall from Restart/Rebuild. It is I who predict the Metro tunnels will have to be re-bored and that the Chinese will lose their shirts over Newcastle and the Metros, because of Berejiklian’s incompetence.

It has now been 11 years since the first plagiarism, by Mike Baird, and a week since the last by PM Morrison, and I’m at the point of launching an international campaign to reverse Bairdijiklian blunders, including the context of PMs Turnbull and Morrison’s gifting and political appointments etcetera; and the barbaric unfairness and plagiarism started by Baird and continued by Federal and NSW ministers and agencies. All relevant matters are on my websites except the world keeps changing, as I explain below.

Then Tim invited me to the opening of his Gallery in Lockhart where he prodded the Deputy PM to talk to me. Michael and I had a chat, I emphasised my intent to fix Inland Rail, the ports and Sydney, and told him of my hardship. 

He promised three times that he would talk to me, but nada. (I wish Michael had appointed an expert/ economist problem-solver as his Chief of Staff instead of a spin doctor.)

McCormack's "promise" WAS 192 DAYS AGO AS AT 10 November.

Senator Sinodinos gave me a phone appointment, listened, but then ignored me. I was hoping he was a profound thinker and doer.

Some elements will surprise (such as the PMs’ conduct) and even offend (hard truths), but bear with me, you’ll see why, plus:


  • Peter   Costello’s righteous anger at Fed/NSW debt-funding, with Perrottet’s debt   lake exhausted in about 5 years
  • Rising cost of   WestConnex as design faults become obvious. It is not on budget
  • Realisation of serious distortions within Sydney and   between Sydney and regions, producing economic damage, and increasing   congestion & affordability problems – Hong Kong being subsidised to the   hilt, by us
  • Decline of “Menzies” governance and ethical   standards in the context the smashing of BOF’s promises to engage communities   and implementing Labor’s forced densification and enforced CSG access. We’re halfway to being a Central European   state-controlled economy
  • Damage to relations with China through inept and   deceitful management of ports and metros they have invested in under their   “Belt and Road” strategy. A growing   personal relationship between US and Australian leaders has to make China   more sensitive about the South China Sea and trading terms. Both blocked Huawei from 5G networks. The Hong Kong and foreign student fees issues   are on the boil.

The Rozelle   interchange is the most technically complex part to build of the $16.8   billion WestConnex toll road because it will comprise three levels of tunnels   and scores of entrances and exits, including a link to the proposed $14 billion   

Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link” (SMH Dec ’18). 

That Link was the   product of poor design of WestConnex. Like the Metros, too much is funnelled through a choke point instead   of laid-out in a matrix as in Zurich and elsewhere – that must be corrected   before further permanent damage is caused.


The fact is, WestConnex is like the Metros, over-focussed on the redundant centre and failing to even consider Christie’s, Greiner’s, Messiter’s and my more effective “local solutions to local problems”. 

Plagiarism is depriving me of my rights as a citizen, and as our “leaders” won’t talk to me, I’ll exercise political and moral suasion on a global scale. It is denying the Australian community the chance to consider how to better govern our great country.

And that story rolls out all over NSW. 85 per cent of the budget will serve less than 5 per cent of population growth, but help Hong Kong investors. NSW has to debt-fund massive promises while ignoring more effective options, increasing debt by 774 per cent over the next four years, wasting $40 billion or so. Official projections say the debt burden will equal 20 per cent of tax revenue, or the equivalent of the entire Education budget, by 2056, if this continues – the psychotic pursuit of the biggest, the riskiest and the less effective projects will produce that. 

The Governor of the Reserve Bank was over-optimistic about the Fed “$100 billion over 10 years” as that is $50 billion short or rising to $300 billion if promises are to be kept. The 13 high speed train proposals given consultancy money are smokescreens to hide RG’s widely-publicised Mandurah scheme for sooner, cheaper and more flexible services that would enhance existing towns, which the CLARA con (waste of $8 million) would damage. 

The in-built waste in two recent Federal and NSW Budgets exceeds $19 billion, enough to fuel regional rail revival, comprising such elements as:


Current agencies and departments have failed to maintain independent professional lines. A few points are made (below) about iA, none about iNSW which became a cipher after Greiner’s departure, and GSC has been absorbed into a “WA Inc” type structure within Berejiklian’s own Department. 

GSC appears to have ceased having board meetings. It is required to force through Government-dictated densifications without demur. It claims independence but has none. 

Reality would indicate that such a commission should lead, not just follow. GSC’s survival is not essential and a review of its Act should be brought forward to ensure the replacement scheme manages proper planning within Sydney and minimises waste so that regions can play their parts in intergenerational improvement.

DIRD and iA have ceased to prepare independent reports, the recent Priority List being savaged by Professor Judith Sloan and this author. iA’s former CEO’s recent SMH op ed on HST – omitting Sydney CBD – was nonsensical. 

Regional rail links need a “royal commission”, such is the confusion and cynicism.