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8 years on top of a lifetime of genuine commitment: the most significant "IP trove" since 1909 and very much inspired by Jack Fitzgerald and Tom Hughes

The linked set of three websites, many published op-eds and Letters, an increasing number of published letters,  and Facebook page are the public expressions of a major “Save Sydney” campaign, which has three main objectives:

1. Regain leadership in Sydney, a quality that we led the world in and now have none left in government, especially since 2015 – as we did it before, why cannot we do it again?

2. Restore sovereignty, which our forebears fought to protect but which our witless politicians have sold-off to Hong Kong (while paying subsidies to HK instead of the other way) – it is not too late to halt the predations and revive “engineering and economics”

3. Redress IP thievery by Federal and NSW politicians and agencies, as their cruelty and unfairness are both despicable and hidden – so here comes the light.

There is an over-riding politico-economic website, Sydney Scumbag Politics, which covers the inadequacies and dishonesty of governments, lobbies and media. 

Scumbaggery is a traditional term, meaning the use of tricks, camouflage and lies to disguise highly exploitative, sleazy motives and conduct. 

A strong Fourth Estate is vital to democracy but is sagging in reality.

There are two specialised empirical and analytical websites which are the referencing bedrocks for a better understanding of the cesspits created by both sides of politics since Abbott, federally, and Wran then Greiner in NSW:

  1. Sydney Betrayals – transit, tollway, freight and ports, land use, congestion, affordability, fair taxation, city and regional balancing, and historical Scumbaggery (the politicisation of project planning and approval processes is front-and-centre)
  2. Thinking Logical Logistics – second in a series that was started by Shipping Australia in 2003.  Centred on the destruction of the economic infrastructure underpinning coal, container and congestion effectiveness (being little and shrinking).

Correcting misleading historical interpretations is truly important as will be seen in metro Vs Bradfield passenger capacities (and misusing Bradfield's name), tram issues, participative engagement in planning, and governance matters, and on it goes.  There are a lot of examples on the three websites.  (Misusing Bradfield's Name is a recent addition.)

First, the contents of Scumbags Politics, with annotations.  This is being supplemented off-line with the Bastards ratings and with Masquerade quotations.  The sections change with new pages and so this a guide:



Sydney ScumbagPolitics Contents


Sydney's Betrayals

Finally, ThinkingLogicalLogistics



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