can we value blunders & missed opportunities?

Valuation tools can be applied to, say, direct and indirect, private and public, costs, of motor vehicle accidents.  Thorough metropolitan plans such as Eddington's in London do the same on a bigger scale.

Not in Sydney!  The Greater Sydney Commission says it's committed to metrics, but hasn't even made an effort to compare the costs and benefits of transit options, housing patterns (suburban Vs forced densification), or scenarios such as in the RTA's Future Directions 1993.

The chart lists 26 ideas, proposals and projects, in two groups:

  • blunders, the "acts of commission"
  • missed opportunities, the "acts of omission" ("opportunity costs and benefits").

All aspects are subjective, but professional as evidenced by the efforts made under "Save Sydney".  It is an intergenerational disgrace that capricious, "ideology and stupidity", modes dominate the Canberra and Sydney bubbles so prodigiously, and that cognitive reasoning and genuine engagement are verboten.

"Cruelty" is amorphous, hence the following word pictures.  The chart and words are exploratory and are open to proper discussion.


Putting Deceit & De-democratisation in context

The traditional roles of "government" are to protect and nourish each and every community in the country and world.

I had been working with Tim Fischer AC for the last two years of his life.  

This text was inspired by his passing and my intention to honour him in the way he would best appreciate, through actions rather than words, in ways that improve communities

He had a negative view of the Nats’ leadership and that will come out in the following, adding now Finley to Fast Rail, ports, city deals and Inland Rail, with Tweedledum and Tweedledee in the two Parliaments, each being divorced from reality and any principles of community wellbeing.

As the world’s kids were striking on 20 September, not one policy, program or project addresses critical challenges to intergenerational equity.  Harming – even killing - children and families in firepaths unnecessarily are in the mix here, as will be explained. 

Tim has been lauded as a thinker and doer, by PM Morrison and Deputy PM McCormack, and he remained so to his death. Tim was upset at the plagiarism and locked doors I have experienced from Federal and NSW Coalitions and the Nationals’ leadership group. 

Unprecedented levels of waste on poorly-designed projects and through broken due diligence systems feature. 

I have been denied access to the benefits of my stolen policy and project work, meaning the PMs have deliberately stopped me from funding:

  1. Save the Children & Salvos’ Save  Australian Children
  2. National Institute to remember forgotten regional heroes
  3. 10 national demonstration fire- and  storm-proof houses
  4. NSW Police Legacy Wall to Wall
  5. Crystal Cave theatre + special tech train
  6. Men of League & Mark Hughes Foundation, and facilitate the development of indigenous NRL Womens team


Deviances relate to

  • manipulation of the "rule of law" by singular individuals and/or fascistic/totalitarian regimes
  • stage-managed "engagement", what ResPublica calls "meaningless participation"
  • replacement of meritocracy by nepotism and scumbaggery, add the stupid syndrome - Dunning-Kruger
  • suppression of innovation and anal insistence on silo/ego thought-bubbles
  • injection of foreign mercantile and political interests and capture by local corporate and industrial forces
  • suppression of the media whether through ownership or self-censorship ("identification" and fear).

But could the deviances come to be so severe that, in a proud country, a great multi-cultural nation, governments

  1. steal a citizen's rights and ability to protect family and society 
  2. dishonour its heroes, currently Tim Fischer
  3. knowingly

  • hurt children in slavery and misery
  • deny care to hurt sporting heroes and those afflicted by brain cancer, as well as the emerging phenomenon of female indigenous NRL teams
  • deny support to families in firepaths and storm zones.


On his vanquishing of Shorten, the PM said, "I have always believed in miracles.  Tonight is about every single Australian who depends on their government to put them first.  And that is exactly what we are going to do".  Except he does the opposite.

Sean Kelly's in-depth profile implied that Morrison's is a career of erasure, of invisible values, an ethics-free zone (Jane Cadzow is quoted in The Bubble page):


  • If you have to leave traces – and no politician can avoid it, not altogether, not in these over-documented days – there is another option. You can sweep them away, then pretend they were never there.
  • Leadership, as Morrison presents it to us, is not about belief but about sensibility.  
  • This desire to wish away pain can be seen in Morrison’s apparent belief that it is possible to govern without creating conflict. “Why do you have to tax people more to tax others less? That’s not how you bring Australians together.” Asked about Labor’s plan for companies to publish the pay gap between men and women, Morrison said he would take a closer look, but “I want policies that bring Australians together, I don’t want to create tensions and anger and anxiety in the workplace.” 
  •  He has in the past described the devastation of Indigenous people by colonisation – and yet, in defence of keeping Australia Day on January 26, he said, “We don’t have to have a fight about it, you can bring people together.” Like much of Morrison’s career, the move depends on erasure. We can all be winners, if we just agree not to talk about the losers. 
  • We don’t have to know what Morrison believes, because we know (because we have been told, again and again) who he is: a man who likes his footy and his suburb.  
  • The great risk for Morrison is that his frictionless approach is impossible for a prime minister to sustain. A minister may be able to find ways of avoiding responsibility, for a time. Soon, the nation’s attention moves on. But a prime minister cannot blame others for long. Nor can he please everybody, all of the time. Positions must be taken, sides chosen. Reversals can be personally damaging in a way they rarely are for those further down the pecking order. Statements are forensically checked. 
  • To take just one example: in a party that has recently torn itself apart on climate change, is it good enough for Morrison to simply declare, “I’m not a climate warrior one way or the other”? Morrison’s particular talent for avoiding traces might have helped him reach the prime ministership. It might not help him keep it.

That is not "due diligence", it is not "community engagement", it is not "risk analysis", it is not "improvement politics".  Sir Thomas Hughes got it right as The Daily Telegraph editorialised in March 1907:

  • Greater Sydney, under whatever constitution, is not attainable while the people are apathetic. Mr Hughes evidently recognises this very clearly. He puts forward a practical and suggestive programme of necessary reforms, and essays to arouse the indispensable force of a consolidated public opinion in support of it.

Sir Tom castigated Allen Taylor for corruption.  His Catholic faith kept him on the straight path.  He would have condemned Scott Morrison for theft, for blundering, for associating with suspect lobbies, and for not caring - really caring, not pretending to care.

Cruelty & Deceit

Baird & Berejiklian broke tradition, Turnbull & Morrison followed them


  • A "lie" is where · a statement is made falsely against known facts, or is made in good faith but is persisted with after errors were pointed out. 
  • "Deceit" is taken to be, in practical terms,

  1. a deliberate set of lies, glossy but meaningless PR videos and advertisements, and statements by affiliated "experts". It is regarded as starting within ideological and psychological motivations and the demands of vested interests,  political appointment of cadres, which promote false interpretations and prevent discussion of options and pursuit of proper protocols, 
  2. suppression of group discussions within and between Parliament, agencies and professions (including expelling contrary voices in Cabinet even where the Premier later admitted "we" had “been wrong”)
  3. distorted sequences of project initiation and business cases, the second is theory but Berejiklian does the first, bullsh*tting the community and media and then releasing a "summary business case" with 110 key data and 110 redactions (i.e. 100% deceit).   In the worst case, where PM Morrison has invested $3,500,00,000, Turnbull and Baird/Berejiklian announced the done deal and allocated $100 million to buddy consultants to dress-up a PR brochure - the greatest gravy train in history (guess who the intended cashiers were)
  4. embedding of journalists and general manipulation of communication channels including coaching those broadly Coalition-orientated but technically simple-minded. 

There is a barbarity about the morphed Labor-cum-Coalition model of

  • Sacking reformist public servants and appointing mute mercenaries
  • Gifting projects through budgets and abandoning community-engagement traditions e.g. Eddington London and Melbourne models, and Askin/Wran/Greiner plans
  • Forcing foreign-corporate models through suburbs, damaging lifestyles, demolishing valued built and natural assets
  • Stealing citizens' Intellectual Property, thus depriving their families of owned assets including homes and medical care
  • disrespecting past heroes, lying about "of Menzies" (where reality reflects barbarism), and refusing succour to Men of League, cancer foundations, families in firepaths, congested areas (Manly-Warringah suffering 10 years of extra congestion because of Baird, with the innerwest following because of Berejiklian/Gay/Constance and peers)

Underpinning all is the integrity of "democracy" as it protects communities, while  state socialism  protects the state.  The  Bairdijiklian model is of the latter and features interventionist agencies like the Greater Sydney Commission, which has become a cipher and not "independent", and silos of mercenaries whose principal characteristic is deafness to communities.

The traditional protective forces have been

  • Fourth Estate - vestiges remain but the mainstream is corporatised
  • academia - now muted 
  • libertarian institutes like the Menzies RC and Centre for Independent Studies - now enraptured by their Caligula
  • Parliament - now intimidated into cohesion with interventionist leaders and agency heads, the incremental nature of change and the focus on media grabs have confused good men and women.

The future cost of repairing Bairdijiklian Metro and WestConnex "pre-planning" blunders is likely to be c $550 billion but add social and economic dislocation from having to close them to fix'em.

The roles and influences of cronies - Party hangers-on, lobbyists-cum-gravy train passengers, and false experts - will be explained under "Kremlin NSW Inc - Parties, Lobbies and other Cronies" (forthcoming).

The ego/silo distance from community that post c 1990 (and especially Turnbull/Morrison and Baird/Berejiklian regimes) adopted has lead to cruel outcomes and the elimination of "fairness" except in nominal Codes of Conduct, as these examples indicate:

NSW Business Chamber's hypocrisy

Killing the Blue Mountains economy & Greiner

The NSW Business Chamber said this of local government reform:

…Local Government in NSW needs a new agenda. While options for reform may differ for metropolitan and regional councils, doing nothing is simply not an option. The current governance, financial and democratic structures of NSW’s 152 Councils are failing to meet the needs of the community. Without establishing a new model of partnership between state and local government, opportunities to address the (asset) backlog will be missed and communities and the local businesses that support them will inevitably go backwards.

Their members up there included the monopolists causing most of the problems, so the Chamber reversed and destroyed Revive in their hasty tracks.  They proved that they are rubbish.  They cost the Business community and residents $192 million of unjustified rates.  Baird suffered shame over this.  Their allies were in the ABC.

The same applies to Nick Greiner.  The CEO of the Chamber in was reported February 2010 as

welcom(ing) the commitment of the NSW Coalition to establish Infrastructure NSW as a means of identifying, prioritising and delivery of infrastructure for NSW”. The creation of such a body, accountable to the Premier, is an important step in re-establishing trust in the selection process for the infrastructure process in NSW,” said Stephen Cartwright ... NSW can deliver infrastructure better and the model proposed by the Opposition would directly improve governance and transparency in this area. The prioritisation and sequencing of infrastructure, as proposed by the Opposition, also ensures a pipeline of projects providing  greater capacity for government to control costs and greater certainty of work in the sector. 

10 years later, Sydney has gone backwards, the Chamber has thrown up stupid ideas and been kicked for them, and Greiner has no sway in the area he could do most good.


Fulsome detail has been provided on the three websites, while googling me will fill in gaps


incremental & externally-driven quasi-fascism*

* Fascism is, technically, putting the interests of the state above the interests of citizens..

Autocratic leadership springs off a person's psychology, which is a private/public matter 

as with Hitler, Turnbull and Morrison - to quote the SMH,   

  • Morrison was raised by a religious policeman father, who was so strict he didn’t allow the young Scott to join the surf club, or go to concerts, because both were possible settings for alcohol and drug consumption.



Childhood oppression defines world interaction

President Trump describes himself as "a very stable genius" even as he abuses Nancy Pelosi for standing up to him.  PM Morrison has behaved similarly as he says "you might think that but I am focussing on ...".  Both are deflecting and avoiding, as the absence of self-healing quality circuits produce erratic blundering. Codependency therapy based on Jungian logic explains how a child's psyche can be molded around ego games = progressive psychotic chaos.


The psychology of Manipulation

  There is an interplay between personal characteristics of the “pack leaders”, and the group dynamics of the followers. Both exploit political contexts via political appointments (“Tammany Hall”), sponsoring and “deals”.

Non-decision making is the cultural adaptation of a closed system dominated by an elite, so that errors are 

  • absorbed, dependencies accrete and outcomes are obscured.  The exogenous need for change is obscured, resulting in a culture that is increasingly divorced from reality until a cataclysm breaks the internal bonds.

  • Un-politics is a mode of suasion where vested, corporate or ideological motives are disguised as real-life outcomes. Voters are denied true choices and their resources are funnelled into dysfunctional projects, there also being no proper feedback circuits so that outcomes can be improved.

The “elite” and “vested” elements inject the element of Alpha Female or Alpha Male. Insight can be drawn from  four sets of psychological analyses, one group and the others individual.

As Mark Rosenberg of Balanced Curve puts the dominant “Club’s groupthink’” - 

  • When cohesive groups are making decisions there is a psychological drive for consensus that suppresses disagreement and prevents the investigation of alternatives. It tends to corrupt a team’s decision making ... (while) success can generate a hubris that is intolerant to all outside opinion, and the team’s thinking becomes divorced from reality. The first-line protection against groupthink is (implementing)... constructive conflict.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect was described this way in Wikipedia:

  • The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude. … Dunning and Kruger have noted similar observations by philosophers and scientists, including Confucius ("Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance"), Socrates ("I know that I know nothing"), Bertrand Russell ("One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision"), and Charles Darwin, whom they quoted in their original paper ("Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge")

Hubris from Wiki again:

  • In ancient Athens, the intentional use of violence to humiliate or degrade. The word’s connotation changed over time, and hubris came to be defined as overweening presumption that leads a person to disregard the limits on human action in an ordered cosmos. It is para-phrased as “pride goes before a fall”.
  • The most-important discussion of hubris in antiquity is by Aristotle in his Rhetoric:
  • Hubris consists in doing and saying things that cause shame to the victim…simply for the pleasure of it. Retaliation is not hubris, but revenge.…Young men and the rich are hubristic because they think they are better than other people (Wiki)

It follows that “elitist de-democratisation” is taking the policy and ideological distortions of the Alphas in deconstructing the “rule of law”, due diligence and Public Interest protections of our inherited Constitutional framework.

Finally, ICAC and Lord Nolan’s Public Ethics Commission in the UK have pointed to dysfunctions that come from lack of clarity and lack of transparency. As the world’s greatest reform thinker, Lord Acton, put it, 

Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.