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Menzies' spirit was exorcised by Black Magic in 2012 and replaced by PRC-inspired state interventions aka crypto-fascism

A certain Senator Uncle Arthur has reappeared on our TV screens after a sad dose of illness a with a possibly wiped memory as he thinks Menzies still inhabits the Liberal Party, that individuals are valued, and that infrastructure is an unquestioned good thing.  This is despite his receiving plenty of contrary evidence including the following letter.

Menzies' default in society in the Sydney Institute and the Menzies Research Centre.  They are in the same apparent mindset, again reflected in correspondence.



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The context of the Missing Menzies

10 March 2019 to PM Morrison et al

Remember & weep - my targets are good policy, Menzies values and intergenerational equity.
As sent out  last night and this morning

It’s inevitable more than ironic that my launch coincides with Berejiklian’s today

Subject: Breathtaking hypocrisy from the pious blunderers, exposed

Turnbull’s idiotic self-aggrandisement in London and Berejiklian’s similar outburst on ABC TV, with her vile attempt at transference of her own deceit to Labor, brought to mind other cases.

The most stunning perhaps was the gulf exposed by Jake Saulwick between Baird’s surfing buddy Rob Stokes’ PhD and Ministerial performance.

We had three Rhodes Scholars show how stupid they are with the WS City Deal and the $100 million gifting to luvvie consultants (and who knows what reverse gifting will follow, once the moolah is off the public books).  

What a gap there is between Turnbull, Taylor and Kennedy, as a cabal, and two genuine Rhodes achievers, Hawke and Eddington.

The biggest hypocrisy in reality of course is the claimed “transformative” power of the Metros and trams compared with the implicit subsidising of the PRC metro densification company, with its failed Bankstown and North Shore showing that Metros will destroy intergenerational equity (Perrottet!) and congestion/ affordability (conga line of geese led now by Tudge MP).

The Baird Model looks as bedraggled as his dad’s “ghost train” was in 1995 - not to mention Bruce’s laughable* shaving of platforms for his tilt-train bandwagon.

The stables are overdue for a clean out.  I’ll be documenting how Menzies is an example, when he changed his attitude on reflection on a major issue.  

That should be a salutary lesson for Mr Morrison who is facing Berejiklian’s Betrayals in his own electorate.  And all that is copyright, buddies, my scythe is out and swishing ....

* not funny for the old, disabled and encumbered passengers who face “watch the gap” warnings 25 years later - as will Berejiklian’s metro, tram, museum and other blunders

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One example and another

Fwd: Case for Berejiklian’s sacking: The evil of plagiarism 

Mon, Mar 11, 12:49 PM  to senator.sinodinos, primeministersoffice,, minister.mccormack,, senator.mckenzie,

You prob know Scott is up to his chin in city lava which he has steadfastedly ignored.

It is getting worse fast for the reasons I explained clearly to you two weeks ago

And all we hear is that hateful LIE - “busting congestion”.



Sat, Mar 9, 7:53 AM 

I hear on the radio that Gladys over-used that word last night.
Oops, bad timing, I might use that on Twitter.

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Denying Menzies, sitting back while Sydney burns, putting the cart before the horse

Wed, Jan 23, 3:56 PM

My case is, values and systems have been so badly disturbed that the first priority is to "save Sydney".

Hiding from that and avoiding me will only bring shame.

Only then can the political and journalistic systems have values and perceptions that will be relevant.

This is the same as in 1900 when the climacteric started with the horror of the Black Death but there present were the presiding genii, JD Fitzgerald and Tom Hughes.

Now, you have no PMs, no Premiers, no CEOs and no academics who have awareness, nous, willingness and commitment to real intergenerational reform.

You have me, the independent thinktanks and the corporate benefactors to capitalise on the collapse of the HK Model and of the Liberal and Labor Parties, to do what we can.

Posted on Facebook this morning:

The recent post on plagiarism - the long series from Mike Baird and onto Berejiklian, GSC, iA et al - was sent to Defenders of the Faith - the thinktankers who defend individual rights under "free speech" and mourn the loss of the Menzies' spirit.

Recall that Scott Morrison said he would be like Menzies when he supplanted Turnbull.

Here's Menzies' "The government and ourselves" from "The Forgotten People":

  • to be a real democrat in a really democratic country is to occupy a position of great dignity and self‑respect, for these qualities are the natural and proper attributes of independent man. 
  • To be one of those who mouth the catch‑cries of democracy and stridently clamour for their so called "right" from the cradle to the grave and after it, but at the same time dodge every civic responsibility, is to occupy a position not of dignity but of contempt.