Is the media surveillance up to Morrison's bluster?

As at Friday 6 March '20 the sports rorts affair has pointed away from Senator McKenzie post 4 April '19 which leaves it in the PM's and possibly Treasurer's offices for some two weeks.  The Aus, SMH and others carried the story but no one has claimed the victory - Morrison is throwing manure all over the sniffers.

How about exposing the hypocrisy of Ministers and backbenchers this way?

How much different would the national and State political and economic performances be under a “what if?” or counterfactual study which addressed such choices as …?

  1. Yesterday’s Question Time if Tim Wilson MP’s standards were applied (i.e. his maiden speech)
  2. The bushfire crisis and sports rorts controversies if Nick Greiner was PM
  3. The stimulus and “pipeline” confusions if Sir John Overall and Sir William Hudson replaced Phillip Gaetjens and Stephen Kennedy 
  4. Philip Lowe’s confusion if Bernie Fraser was Governor
  5. Berejiklian’s engineering crises on WestConnex and the Metro if Gordon Messiter was still head of Transport

Nine/Fairfax deterioration

A black day - 21 Feb 2020

The SMH carries two stories which bear on the theme of this and related websites.

Matthew O'Sullivan adds to a long list of unfair and incomplete stories, this on a smallish increase in costs on the Bankstown Metro line.  He (and Readerlink) has failed to respond to a request for "balance" on these points:

  • failure to mention that Berejiklian stole my (c) ideas for economies on that line, which she admitted would "save hundreds of millions of dollars"  without attribution or payment
  • failure to otherwise account for the new $15.5 billion Vs previously reported $20-22 billion
  • failure to mention the latest revelation of incompetent engineering and economics, that the Bankstown terminus location is still up in the air, Bankstown itself having failed (just as Berejiklian promised to provide a metro on the Illawarra and found she couldn't - but I can!)

David Crowe believes that the Morrison Government

  • has a legitimate agenda (which is a line the Herald used for Berejiklian 's election coverage)
  • is implementing it "effectively"

This is in a context where

  • Morrison attacked firies and farmers as "greenies" out of sheer ignorance of Australia's three Ice Ages, continental warming having proceeded for some 20,000 years 
  • He cold-shouldered fire chief for more than a year
  • His bosom buddy Berejiklian cold-shouldered RFS's request for safe trucks for the same period
  • Morrison has suppressed my rollout of 10 national demonstration fireproof and stormproof housing

These transgressions add to a conga line of problems which include Michael Koziol endorsing the corrupt Parramatta tram.

To show the depth of the Herald's and Fin's distortion of reality, here is the challenge to debate I have offered them:

  • Budgets should be the practical expression of democratic processes. The effect of Bairdijiklian Malenomics is to reverse the chain so that backroom cronyism and graft are falsely legitimised.

  • Mike Costa proved in 2008 that the North West Metro was an economic basket case. Having been cobbled together bit by bit, 12 years later it could not pay its bills from the first wheel hitting the track, with 1 million passengers in two weeks when it needs at least that number every day just to recover its finance costs. 

  • It will take 30 years’ tax contributions from about 125,000 families to pay the estimated finance and operating costs of a “train” that under-performs even Bruce Baird’s “ghost train” to KSA which was insolvent in 6 months, albeit its stench goes on in the form of excessive station access charges.

  • The option was there, from the mostly impeccable source of Nick Greiner, the Liberals’ greatest reforming Premier, then chair of Infrastructure NSW: a Bus Rapid Transit system until patronage built, same as for the catastrophic CBD and Eastern Suburbs tram. 

  • They would have been profitable right now, at current patronage levels, 1/20th of the metro’s minimum hurdle and maybe 1/8th of the trams’. The NW would have been in operation 4 years earlier, the tram some 6.

  • Labor wasted $500 million on the CBD Metro. Berejiklian admitted she’d spent the same amount on the wholly illegitimate West Metro. The GSC’s Parramatta tram demolished heritage buildings ditto.

  • Talk about Budget lunacy. That story is repeated across Berejiklian’s very wide whiteboard. Now PPPs are basically lucrative construct-and-operate contracts paid for by the Governments, with the “elephant in the room”, the metro operator, being subsidised to build tower blocks without, it seems, having to feed back capital gains. 

  • A kitchen table discussion gifted $100 million to luvvies to prepare a PR brochure for a metro that will destroy the Western Sydney economy. Great. Inland Rail too.

  • Morrison gifts $3.5 billion to a stub metro that will have no functionality and no clientele. Berejiklian capriciously throws portals all over Rozelle, with $4 billion moving innerwest congestion 1 kilometre – deeper into eternal damnation. He ignores the truck congestion in “Morrison’s Backyard” that comes inexorably from the Albanese/Calfas/iA/GSC corrupt “Botany Club”.

  • “Capacity” has been addressed in the companion document: that iNSW, iA and GSC repeated the Baird/Berejiklian BIG LIE that “metros have higher capacity than double-deckers” was tragic for Sydney. Given all the design and technology mistakes, there is a high risk that a future generation will have to re-bore the tunnels at unbelievable expense and disruption - but what else could they do with a Berejiklian white elephant!

  • Such errors are grave, but perhaps the greatest is the destruction of the economic base of the great Bradfield CityRail system. It is the metropolitan skeleton which would easily meet future needs if the Christie (2001) plan was intelligently modified and implemented; but its replacement, the metros, will fail due to inbuilt errors. Poor “pre-planning” has become the Kitchen Cabinet’s signature failing, as mapped by the Grattan Institute, Infrastructure Australia, Engineers Australia and this author.

  • Worst, Berejiklian did this through deceit and without any electoral or Parliamentary legitimisation. She is to be condemned but also her Federal and State colleagues who ignored my report on the information needed to make an intelligent decision on “Removing the Metro ‘Planning Stench’ - the Berejiklian Model of Reforming Sydney’s Bradfield-Era Rail System” (July 2017). More than two years later, neither Morrison nor Berejiklian can begin to explain what they are doing – and nor can the Auditor-General, NSW Transport and iNSW.

  • Thus Morrison, Frydenberg, Berejiklian, Perrottet and Constance can say they are reducing capex, borrowings and/or debt when they’re increasing them, and that debt is managed responsibly when that was yesterday but next week will see the creditors move in. They’re proud of their AAA ratings but seem to not understand that funding unproductive assets from debt lakes is anathema to lucid bankers.

SMH gets worse

Some people will not learn

Matthew O'Sulivan and Tom Rabe had a brain-snap - Caution urged in states costing big transport projects after blowouts 22 Feb '20.  

It reads as an advertorial for Tony Shepherd and Sir Rod Eddington's safe-cracking raid on political ingenues, and a smokescreen for an incompetent NSW Transport Minister.

Try this cry in the desert from Shepherd, the infrastructure bandit:

"One thing I would encourage governments in major projects is developing a stronger partnership with the contractor, recognising that if they’re suffering, everyone suffers."

Huh?  Can these journos think while typing their churnalism?

It's not as though there's a shortage of topics to cover, with the imminent collapse of the Turnbull/Berejiklian/Morrison cabal's direst plans for ports, metros, trams and tollways.  MOS and Rabe are covering their ears but reality will bite them.

No, they had to highlight the meanderings of one of the country's top opportunists, Tony Shepherd.  

Remember it was he who suggested putting in a metro loop and station to serve his Sydney Football Stadium - when the area is saturated with trams and buses and peak usage is periodic and spasmodic.  How many $ billions to serve his Members' boxes?  

Not to mention the scandalous lie about the refurbishment option - as Treasury reported on Berejiklian's "world-best" package,   "the refurbishment option is more than $500 million cheaper than the 75,000 seat “knock down and rebuild” option and could be delivered some 24 months earlier."  There is still no proper "plan" for sporting facilities, the new Parramatta Stadium having less than half the capacity of the same design's installation in Perth.

Comments are in italics:

The former chairman of Sydney's WestConnex motorway project said the NSW government had likely been too quick to put a figure on their metro rail line

  • The whole process was a deranged oscillation between a truly evil manipulation in June '12 through to the Harbour Crossing that was not needed for operations (Greiner's and my opinion) but only to hide the deep embarrassment of the idiots who were repeating Labor's "stench".
  • How may figures have been put on it? $8-22 billion, along with stealing my "economy" ideas - which the Herald reported but which MOS has been dishonestly concealing since.

Mr Shepherd said governments needed to work harder at maintaining good relationships with contractors in the wake of recent contractual breakdowns, including on the Sydney light rail, which landed the NSW government in court.

"I think there has developed over the years a sort of antagonism between the principal and the contractor, rather than a partnership," he said.

  • As Grattan, iA and I have documented, there has been an appalling lack of pre-engineering nous - producing some $20 billion of "waste" - are MOS & Rabe aware even?
  • The tram contract dispute was about crap contract "due diligence" i.e. lies about substrate and facility relocation as well as monstrous retail and habitat destruction - is Shepherd washing-away deceit and stupidity as though it didn't happen?

Mr Shepherd said the $12.5 billion figure given by the Berejiklian government five years ago for the Metro City and Southwest project "was probably an early estimate before the facts were in.”  "You can get the political cycle caught up in the construction cycle"

  • Hey buddy, we're in NSW, what's the difference?  Every project comes out of a demented, deceitful cabal centred on "Kremlin NSW Inc"
  • The NSW Budget's major transport projects list is about 50% undocumented and ill-defined - does Shepherd live in the real world?

Transport Minster Andrew Constance has primarily blamed an "over-heated" market for contractors for the blowout in the cost of the metro rail project under Sydney Harbour.  Mr Constance said forecasting costs was "a real challenge", and the escalation rates predicted by NSW Treasury for the City and Southwest project five years ago had  "substantially blown out".

  • Constance is the goose who promised to release full details of real estate yields, produced a Summary Business Case with 100% redactions (110 cases), speculated the project was in trouble and he'd have to pump up taxation rates, then that he'd have to subsidise hotels by "several billions" to make the Central hotspot work
  • Crap, the estimates were $20 billion and higher, Berejiklian stole my economy ideas, Constance is a creep like his boss - thieves, killers of children, deniers of Menzies

Mr Shepherd said he believed the NSW government still had the capacity to deliver on its $100 billion infrastructure pipeline, despite blowouts on the CBD light rail, and more recently the Metro City and Southwest. He added that federal assistance could be key to seeing the projects realised.

  • I'm sure he does but Turnbull had the smarts to squash Perrottet with "we are not an ATM"
  • Tony, oh jerkovich, I've approached you several times over supporting me to return truth and accuracy - not one project has a benefit/cost ratio above 1.0, not one has been through proper due diligence, your motorway company was hardly a paragon of publishing believable business cases.  Have you forgotten?

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia said it was important not to lose sight of the value that the transport projects in Sydney and Melbourne would bring despite any short term pain.  "The pain will ultimately be worth it," the group's chief executive, Adrian Dwyer, said.  "Projects like the metros in Sydney and Melbourne will transform each city and deliver substantial benefits to local communities and the Australian economy for many decades to come."

  • Dwyer is part of the problem, then manager of iA's assessment stupidities including listing the West Metro as soon as Baird announced it and downgrading it when I kicked iA

Mr Shepherd believes the new metro rail line had the power to change Sydney, and predicted the public may well forgive the government for the overspend.

"I think the public at the end of the day probably don’t really worry too much about that, all they really worry about is the end result. So when the project opens and it works well and it improves their life, they forget about that [blowouts or delays]," he said.

  • Absolute rubbish, the NW metro is costing c 115,000 families 30 years of their tax contributions to pay for its 1/20 cost recovery, without including proper operating expenses which will continue to be hidden in Sydney Trains accounts
  • Shepherd - cuddle up to this website for a primer on what infrastructure economics is about, you clearly have no idea - and nor do MOS and Rabe

deceit & lack of care

Democracy fails where journos lack nous and independence

Democracy has four pillars, and an effective and intelligent Fourth Estate is one of them.  The Sydney media, all mastheads, have failed to be the canaries in the mine, the harbingers of 1923 all over again.  They were stunned by the lippy and the lingo, ignoring the professional yardsticks.  At the very least, all they count is cranes in the air, not the numbers of future citizens who will bear the costs and burdens that this sad pack of sheep will leave them.

Menzies wrote in 1942 - he was a civilised and courteous leader in the tradition of PMs from Deakin to recently (where verbiturative abuse has become the norm) - 

  • Can we expect long‑range thinking from a Parliament which we have all too frequently chosen for its capacity to cater for our short‑range selfishness?  To all this sickness of democracy, the Press has, I fear, made its contribution. 

And the sickest of the lot are the ones in the Menzies Club who protesteth so much.

The analytical framework gives us criteria, and the case studies give us evidence.  Together, the Sydney media, national and state, have done a great job of urban infrastructure, politics and parliamentary/agency crises since the NSW Coalition came to office in 2011.  

The love affair should have had a honeymoon phase and stopped, why it reversed that is something the journos will need to explain as a separate issue to why the politicians screwed up so badly...


Media - right to know but refuse to listen?

The media have ganged up on secretive government but ignore the gravy train

The media alliance on "RIGHT TO KNOW" is making the same points as under the Bankstown Metro Summary Business Case - 110 redactions (100% of key data) disguised a dreadful lack of economic and financial viability BUT which was camouflaged by the Daily Telegraph's coverage.

"Right to be heard" is the critical element under the "Four Pillars" and the alliance has refused to contemplate extending their professionally-crafted ads into real-life examples.

Recent history is that the Economics Editor of The Age and the SMH received a series of leaked Cabinet documents which showed deceit and incompetence on the part of the NSW Transport administration.  He had a close relationship with the ABC TV and Radio teams and all refused to extend the discussion into the climate that led to such deceit and the remedies.  They materially disadvantaged "Save Sydney".

The bigger context is the “Save Sydney suite of reports, correspondence, websites, social media and op-eds – all based on accepted protocols as espoused by Greiner, Eddington, Schott, iA and iNSW when lucid, and UK and US “best practice” – there is nothing radical, ideological or empirically-incomplete or -inaccurate.

Media performance has not been acceptable -

The alliance could give space for a short series of  three “features” on outstanding matters of

1. Planning & projects

2. Governance, engagement and democracy

3. Freight and ports, Inland Rail and Fast Rail

See the list the SMH has refused to acknowledge:  ABC Breakfast and weekend presenters undermined ReviveBlueMountains as explained under the Localism tab.

Timing is against the mid-Dec MYEFO which was corrupted last year and is now “fruit of the poisoned vine”.  Sydney's future in in balance and literally "children are dying" - see

“Save Sydney” includes the only evidence-based analyses around the ugly reality that Berejiklian has

  • “hit the wall” on Metros and Connexes
  • corrupted port planning to the extent that Sydney will be deprived of logistics capacity compared with Lloyd’s List’s industry forum’s conclusions, with churnalism by the Fin and Herald on Newcastle’s underlying plight
  • wasted $40 billion going on to maybe $80 billion while reducing capacities in the rail- and road-based transit systems, and
  • deprived key sub-regions of congestion/housing improvements including Sydney’s outer freeway-dependent growth zones, the Northern Beaches, and Morrison’s Backyard.

The last genuinely professional journalism produced by Fairfax Sydney mastheads (not regionals and trade media, the shining exception being Jack Waterford) on these topics was, I suggest, done by Linton Besser and Andrew West in the last 2000s.  

Criteria for such judgements were circulated 2 months ago:

 1) professional quality & fact checking

2) willingness to provide balance

3) willingness to correct errors.

Against these see Matt O’Sullivan on Constance’s “cough up” call to Morrison, and Matt Wade and Shane Wright: and  Another Herald error:

Since, the Herald has run a few op-eds on WestConnex and the Metros, periodically, but otherwise has not achieved any “balance” or “fact checking” of note.  On the contrary, it has excluded “Save Sydney” as well as Greiner’s SIS 2012, and distorted community understanding through:

1. Putting a positive spin on the personalities and politics of Berejiklian and Constance, leading to the absurd conclusion at NSW Election time that “she has every right to be proud” of her infrastructure achievements

2. Denying the community of accepted standards of journalistic research Vs “Need to know”

3. Failed to reveal an unprecedented level of lies and deceit by Federal and NSW “political appointees” and cronies, including plagiarism – see links in next bullet

4. Lack of any sense of reality about system and project planning and financing – it is all about “shiny toys” Vs and on iA and Greiner etc

5. Governance naivete e.g. off-Budget and sub tabula “gifting” and potential associated corruption e.g. $100 million to cronies to prepare a PR brochure at St Marys.

Only the Daily Telegraph addressed such issues, through an op ed commissioned by Joe Hildebrand and the famous “Liberal Bromance” piece by Andrew Clennell, both in 2012 – and not much else since except at Budget times.  It is otherwise as resistant as are the Herald and Fin.


The recent SMH story on transit options for green Square was appallingly  naive.


then comes the beauty - perro


background to the above

On 7 November 2019 the Sydney Morning Herald continued its record of not quite getting Sydney transport stories right.

The journalists do these stories periodically and from a helicopter perspective.  They have neither the on-site knowledge nor the corporate memory necessary to improve their standards. 

There needs to be more connection between media and practitioners, as there used to be before the Herald turned insular about 10 years ago.

Democracy requires all Four Pillars (c) , fascism features NONE (NSW)


There are situations facing the NSW and Sydney polities which require - but do not receive - is eternal vigilance by the Fourth Estate:

  • Diminution of the rights of citizens via sequestration by unelected officials, against dominant overseas precedents e.g. UK
  • Diminution of the rights of elected local representatives via intimidation by Bosses and sequestration by unelected officials
  • Replacing strategic community inputs by lobby inputs representing domestic and overseas conflicted interests 
  • Plagiarism of the work of gifted individuals
  • Embedding of conflicted persons on decision-making and advisory bodies in reversal of precedents established by Greiner, ICAC and international guidelines
  • Rejection of valid prudential and professional stages and of community feedback (with replacement by lies) with consequential destruction of legacy and community assets, without electoral mandate
  • Evasion of probity, fairness and other accepted standards applying to projects within system development contexts 
  • Endless "on mission" dialogues based on avoidance and verbitulation

CRITICAL evidence

There are points in history where journalism can be judged to have succeeded or failed in informing and raising awareness. In the 1950s and ‘60s “how could we prevent another Hitler” was a common question, and the answer could only be, “we’d know better, wouldn’t we?”.

Media under-performance has whitewashed:


Sydney since around 1917* was Berejiklian’s to tear up some 40 per cent of the Bradfield CityRail system – this was journalism’s worst period, which continues. It compares badly with Turnbull’s gifting of $8 million to a CLARA fast train which needed to be exposed as a con, and was. 

  • Knowledge of history is as scarce as hens’ teeth in Sydney, with many distortions including misinterpretation of the Bradfield label. Journalists whose work is mentioned here had the opportunity to inform and review my work but none accepted.

However, not one journalist understands transport dynamics and can see through “busting congestion” and “transformative” lies. Intergenerational equity has already been smashed but no journo noticed. A superb editorial in The Australian in late 2015 has been forgotten, even betrayed, in News’ various mastheads; just as the SMH journos noticed only en passant that they daily betray the Ron Christie work that the Herald commissioned in 2009 at a time there was genuine competence in their recent reportage.

A recent Brooking report on congestion concluded that in the USA as here, “the ways in which we plan and invest in transportation continue to contribute to problems like congestion, lack of accessible and affordable transportation options, and a sprawling, unsafe, and ecologically destructive built form”. 

Generally, the Sydney media have shown themselves to be incapable of understanding and unwilling to learn about the massive issues which lie beneath charlatans’ Press Releases and even informal or unlegitimised “decisions”. They have failed to be the “canary in the mine” for the safety of democracy in the face of fascistic manipulations. These notes are illustrative and designed to raise standards.

There are many assessment criteria in Sydney's and NSW's contexts as seen in Standards and the Aus's 25ers + Reforms Terms of Reference.  Generic heads are to be considered when reading the later media quotations.

recycling corrupted systems

recycling corrupted systems

recycling corrupted systems

  • Berejiklian taking up Labor's "planning stench" and worsening it without electoral or Parliamentary legitimacy
  • PM Morrison continuing PM Turnbull's parallel Bairdijiklian Malenomic" "planning stench" and political appointments with widespread unConstitutional City Deals and "ideology & stupidity" project gifting
  • Refusal to adjust nonsensical projects such as the wrong-pointing Barangaroo Station and the ludicrous Green Sq where three projects point N/S and there is NO e/w solution despite my offerings

broken "baird model"

recycling corrupted systems

recycling corrupted systems

  • Pushing through Metros without due diligence, expelling iNSW, over-committing precious privatisation "windfalls" without value parameters, Aus praising "Baird Model"
  • Unprecedented project incompetence. cost overruns, critical delays
  • Daily Tele misinterpreting Metro Business Case at a critical juncture
  • Metromanics proceeding despite the collapse of GSC's concomitant densification targets, housing over-supply generally for socio-economic reasons, and falling dwelling values
  • Fairfax and others misinforming about Berejiklian's track record to a very serious level of distortion

port truths

recycling corrupted systems

betrayal of treasury integrity

  • Baird's secret levy on Newcastle containers, adding to Carr's deceit in 2003
  • Newcastle and Kembla Ports having no economic and engineering skills sufficient to develop land transport connections
  • Fairfax in particular missing and refusing to listen to Thinking Logical Logistics, the AFR publishing advertorials but no serious analyses 
  • PON's refusal to listen, wasting Chinese investments and compromising the Chamber, City Council, Hunter Institute, and RDA  

betrayal of treasury integrity

betrayal of treasury integrity

betrayal of treasury integrity

  • Costa using Jim Steer to reveal Labor's stupidity, existence ignored by NSW and Fed Coalitions
  • Perrottet denying due diligence and taking a begging bowl to Canberra
  • Morrison and Frydenberg in turn satiating lobbies through the WS City Deal fiasco
  • Frydenberg's refusal to do "budget repair" through MYEFO

stifle initiative

betrayal of treasury integrity

the evil of plagiarism

  • PM Turnbull promising initiatives and no distorting values
  • GSC unable and also unwilling to consider peer-tested initiatives from Eddington Bedrock
  • Turnbull refusing to consider iA and GSC "rescue plans" when their lack of evidentiary and analytical quality had been revealed
  • Turnbull and successor Sharma refusing to listen to Bondi Beach Expressnet
  • Syd Uni refusing to listen to Eddington Bedrock and specifically Broadway to Redfern Expressnet

the evil of plagiarism

betrayal of treasury integrity

the evil of plagiarism

Examples - see The Evol of Plagiarisms

  • Baird stealing Nth Beaches BRT 2008
  • Berejiklian stealing Bankstown economies from "Case to Pause the Metros" (c), saving "hundreds of millions"
  • Defensive manoeuvers by iA, DIRD and State bodies at massive expense to put a "cloak of invisibility" around the PM's spouse's GSC
  • Morrison pinching analyses of "congestion busting" and downplaying very loud and very illogical promises


Current politicians pull the names of past heroes out of the air with gay abandon – Bradfield, Menzies, Utzon, , the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Snowy …. With nary of whiff of understanding. Generally, the mentions are crutches for spiffs who proselytise the exact opposite of what history tells us is “best practice”.

On 22 October 2015, Baird was reported in the Daily Telegraph as saying “We rightly think about Bradfield’s era as a transformative time for Sydney, but I believe right now we are entering an equally exciting era that will also mark the pages of historyThere are cranes in the sky and shovels in the ground and we are hitting milestones on a regular basis. You don’t get that kind of progress without disruption, or headlines, but we will march on and not apologise or back away.”

Two years later the Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance, mused that while cost overruns and community damage were at extraordinary levels, the current engineering “genius”, Rodd Staples, was a “21st Century Bradfield”. 

And so it was that the Tele founded the “Bradfield Orations” and recruited such people as Lucy Turnbull to advocate current directions.

The reality is, to true historians not parvenu enfants simpliste, Bradfield was NOT a driving force in Sydney’s transformation, it seems that neither Baird nor Lucy Turnbull, in their Orations, nor others, knew that the transformation was the product of two presiding genii in Sydney’s history, Sir Thomas Hughes as statesman, and John Daniel Fitzgerald as a world thinker as acknowledged in the UK, Germany, Japan and the USA.

They created what Professor Spearritt described as “a planning consensus” based on participatory democracy, franchise reform, sensible taxation and financing, and world-best thinkers including the great Sir Ralph Freeman, arguably the true designer of the Bridge. In the great symposium on Railway Electrification in 1926, the Railway Commissioner stated that the work was the product of a great team, for such was the quality of the Railways staff then.

Not one agency or journalist had pondered the cost of damage to the Bradfield system when I produced “The Berejiklian Model of Reforming Sydney’s Bradfield-Era Rail System” on 8 August 2016 (see download tab. It went to the PM and his Ministers, NSW Ministers, and journalists in Fairfax, News and the ABC – not one of whom took any action other than evasion. The same can be said of the Auditor General and ICAC. 

The point was, as documented also in “The Case to Pause the Bankstown Metro”, there was a complete failure to observe iNSW and iA protocols, Treasury Guidelines, Eddington’s London and Melbourne transformative studies, or Commission of Audit recommendations.

These failings have been documented throughout the three websites and in correspondence since October 2012. We can see where O’Farrell, Baird and Berejiklian, Stokes and Staples and the Turnbulls failed to observe due diligence, where did journalists fail? 

See  and 

Here's the killer file that was ignored by all Ministers & agencies

Costs Vs Benefits of Berejiklian Bradfield _Reforms_ (pdf)


The main journalistic protagonists during Labor's conniptions were Quentin Dempster and Sally Ferguson of Stateline and 4 Corners.  


21 Catastrophic Sydney Fallacies


21 Catastrophic Sydney Fallacies

Turning Point 5 – Plagiarism

21 Catastrophic Sydney Fallacies