josh says australians can trust him - our future is assured


The 2019 promised debt trend was "down" - the blue line.  Off-Budget items might need to come back "on"

The bars show the sizes of the new figures Vs Josh's misleading chart, will each year go higher?

These are just the projects in contention, add the policies


The emails - a better way forward

Other pages shows maps of service gaps, charts of adverse financial and other trends, and quotes from respected sources.  That they were communicated clearly, but treated with contempt, is shown in these emails. 

Removing Roadblocks

Legendary public service reformers like Gerry Gleeson spotted early signs of the extinguishment of professional in Ministers' Offices and agencies.

Josh's Future

This is Josh Frydenberg's third stint in Treasury so there is no presumption of ignorance.  There were signs of prejudicial bias in his blocking RG's email address, inveigling the Governor of the Reserve Bank on the $100 million blaumange, and crappy treatment of successive MYEFO correspondence.

The appearance is of a loss of sense of moral compass and Treasury reality.

As Mark Rosenberg of Balanced Curve puts the dominant “Club’s groupthink’” - 

  • When cohesive groups are making decisions there is a psychological drive for consensus that suppresses disagreement and prevents the investigation of alternatives. It tends to corrupt a team’s decision making ... (while) success can generate a hubris that is intolerant to all outside opinion, and the team’s thinking becomes divorced from reality. The first-line protection against groupthink is (implementing)... constructive conflict.

Josh is known to have personal staff he trusts absolutely.  This is not necessarily "political", so long as he and they respect independence, professional advice.  Having two backroom warriors (who have real accountabilities to face) as CEOs generates suspicion of "political appointments" that might fail Congressional confirmations if the US system applied here.

It is suggested that Josh's reputation will deteriorate if he continues to reject "budget repair" and professional administration.  He has a long way to make up for two bungled MYEFOs and one (so far) Budget.  There can be little confidence he has Australia's best interests at the front of his processes and priorities.


PM Turnbull and Treasurer (now PM) Morrison got the Commonwealth into a fused mess with NSW which has produced distortions in national arrangements, especially off-Budget “gifting” mechanisms. The joint Western Sydney City Deal is the greatest planning blunder in history, while the Commonwealth’s under-funded $100 billion infrastructure Budget and NSW’s debt lake have parallel characteristics. The difference is, the Commonwealth is saying it is reducing debt while NSW’s is exploding.


The NW Metro could not pay its bills from the first wheel hitting the track, with 1 million passengers in two weeks when it needs at least that number every day. It will take 30 years’ tax contributions from about 125,000 families to pay the finance and operating costs of a “train” that under-performs even Bruce Baird’s “ghost train” to KSA which was insolvent in 6 months. But its stench goes on in the form of excessive station access charges.

Perrottet Vs Costa?Greiner/RG

Same issue, the obvious decrepitude of the NW Metro.

Costa 2008, Greiner 2012 - BRT, defer 2nd Harbour Crossing, RG obviate the same  BUT

Perrottet - out comes the begging bowl whenever Berejiklian waves her magic wand 


the renegades become the regulators - problems never solved

The modern style of un-politics is to form circles of consensus among co-venturers, to the exclusion of talented people inside and outside the circle.  The lines show the coincidence of the three champions, Baird, Berejiklian and Turnbull, and the facilitators including Morrison.  He had promised to clean-out Turnbull barnacles but did the opposite.

Berejiklian recruited her natural cheer squad from the metro lobby groups and proceeded to close-down accepted due diligence protocols.  Paper was not needed or wanted by her cabal, it was just for camouflaging.  Her influence enveloped Fed and State spheres in the most dominant and destructive manner ever seen in Australia.

Gaetjens and Kennedy were more than mechanics 'cause they really weren't process types, but they were sweepers of unwanted papers and assuagers of distractions.

There are further notes and flow charts under Ethics & Solutions and elsewhere.