More corrupted planning, pretending to be competent

Is SydUni caught up with her? - a secret deal?

On 7 November 2019 the SMH's Matt O'Sullivan reported:

  • SydUni says that the multibillion-dollar Bankstown metro project will result in the removal of direct train services to Redfern station 
  • Uni suggests diverting the West Metro to Camperdown, and terminate services there

And thus is revealed Berejiklian's response to my pounding over the incompetent pre-planning of the main and West Metros.  

She needs to eliminate the choke-point in the CBD so AT MASSIVE EXPENSE without a revenue balance will segregate the lines.

The West will run into the CBD and shuttle back, without sharing the Bankstown $20 billion Line and with no inter-operational integration.


Berejiklian is a 100% blunderbuss.  There are media and industry fools who will not understand this but they are already disgraced.


Breaking news

The national Minister for Cities 'n' stuff has amended his Twitter bumf to say "ease congestion" instead of the manic verbitulisation ""bust".  If this is not a blatant "public affairs" violation of my rights, he should tell me so, with audit trail on his sites.

The Berejiklian Government has changed elevations at the Rozelle interchange off the WestConnex after I pointed to the absurdity of taking a complex underground tunnel complex onto an elevated bridge within 1 km - leaving the impression of another "public affairs" breach and the stupidity of suffocating flows through an engineering design mistake.  The same problems are happening in the Metro system, pointing to a lack of leadership and skills in the centre.

The PM has gone through a whole cycle of policy confusion after pinching my work on "jobs jobs jobs", the $100 billion fiasco, and resource shortages.


The political culture

Australia, NSW and Sydney have a new style of governance that dumps the Conservatives’ pride in sound financial management and creates a veneer of  populist politics to conceal lobbyists’ demands and favours - a cancer that is metastasising through all organs of State. 

It uses secrecy, not releasing “Cabinet” documents of technical character and redacting 100% of key data in so-called “business cases”. They threaten opponents and even insiders who dare to ask “why”, and pretend to care when their sloppy “decisions” produce revelations of stupidity and waste, and of the wanton demolition of heritage buildings, homes or tree stands. 

They appoint their acolytes to all advisory posts and filter-out extraneous criticisms and opinions to the extent they routinely assign such email addresses to banned and trash lists – as though that achieves anything outside of calming insecure cadres’ egos. They similarly devalue outsiders’ Intellectual Property and steal it without visible moral qualms.

Gerry Gleeson was so right in his Spann Oration in 2010: inexperienced personal staffs and politicians without quality life experiences help to suppress innovation and problem-solving where they are outside inept lobbyists’ parameters. Indeed, governments no longer have in-built blunder-checking and expert response/repair capabilities – redoubling their own pain.  He said ministers no longer have access to skilled management structures and must use consultants - but I add they steal others' ideas when the ministers are in deserved trouble.

The psychology has been called "groupthink" a silo mentality that leads to the loss of  sense of reality;  but the cruelty that the Impalers has shown towards communities and me, at they expense of economic and welfare outcomes, points to something more sinister.  

Dunning-Kruger covers those who are too stupid to know they are stupid;  and Aristotlean hubris the narcissists who love hurting even more than winning.

I have dubbed the new style “Bairdijiklian Malenomics”. 

Malenomics" is a zone where the proper principles of economics are discarded and the power elite's meritocracy imposes hidden tests which bear no relationship to economic, social and environmental improvement parameters as developed, for example, by Sir Rod Eddington in London and Melbourne. Malenomic tests correlate with the hidden world of HK long-term, intra-corporate manoeuvrings and multi-layered non-decisionmaking cultures. contains more on this theme.

Plagiarism - some principles

Plagiarism is unacceptable in academic, educational, journalistic, technical and political arenas. No previous generation of politicians and public servants transgressed on any large scale or with profligacy. The Baird/Berejiklian and Turnbull/Morrison Governments, all led by former bankers, have broken with the traditions of Menzies and Howard, to mention just eminents. Their acts have transgressed accepted standards of behaviours. They are being brought to account through political and moral suasion by a much-maligned historian and futurist.

Journalistic and scholastic professions have seen serious plagiarism cases.  The Daily Mail has been involved in famous cases;  while a News Ltd's The Australian journalist listened to three story ideas from me, said they were not "news", then ran all three, separately, later.  He refused then and since to respond to me but served in a political role and was assumed to be biassed

There have been many allegations of plagiarisms in journalistic, school and university, history and science, politics and religious circles. Different are ego battles such as between Bradfield and Sir Ralph Freeman over the design of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; and the more serious contract and artist’s rights allegations over designs of the post-Utzon Opera House and National Gallery entrance re-design contracts.

In 2015 UrbanGrowth tried to steal my Goanna Bridge but I stopped them and the executive was sacked.  Their (unsuccessful) "design competition" had stated that all IP in submissions would be ceded to the agency;  at a time that JV guidelines by Premiers and Treasury said that IP would be fully respected.  

That agency is now within Berejiklian's "WA Kremlin Inc" cluster of private developer relationships - planning as well as implementation in GSC (Chief Commissioner Lucy Turnbull being a public advocate of Berejiklian's causes), land dealings, projects, and rule-setting.


The Oxford Dictionary holds plagiarism to be the use of another person's ideas or work and pretend that it is your own.  The USA’s (Health) Office of Research Integrity considers plagiarism to include both the theft or misappropriation of intellectual property and the substantial unattributed textual copying of another's work.  It includes the unauthorised use of ideas or unique methods obtained by a privileged communication, such as a grant or manuscript review.

The Copyright Act protects original ideas and work that has value in implementation. Generally the protection is for 50 years.

Public affairs and politics, transport economics and urban regional planning, and even sloppy politicians’ “plans”, are the topics here. There are dimension of “value” in all:

  1. Exploitative - used for the political or commercial benefit of the thief/s
  2. Defensive: used by thief to anticipate and avoid risk of exposure of incompetence and/or malice, a “public affairs” benefit. Definitive positions adopted in defiance of accepted wisdom are not excused if reversed after criticism where “public affairs” and “strategic quality” prevail (especially where the author created a significant part of the solution set).
  3. Malicious: used by thief out of hubris and psychological obsession to hurt others

Governments pay millions for such advices including in UK and Australian election campaigns (such as to Cosby Textor). Advice on savings on a transport project contained within a copyrighted document deserves to be paid a share of the “hundreds of millions” so saved (Berejiklian stealing my Bankstown "Case to Pause"). 

The reputation of an agency like the Greater Sydney Commission which is chaired by the former Prime Ministers wife, facing fierce profession criticism by the State’s top expert, was “protected” by Federal documents which were smokescreens – at such a gross level of deceit (“30 Minute City” and “Three Cities”) that national political and journalistic reputations are at stake - thus organising "defence" by illegally using a "privileged document". 

Example of Sequence

  1. I developed the Goanna Transit Bridge under Labor as a better option to the CBD Metro (which had geotech issues as well)
  2. Strategically, I pushed the Ron Christie  w Nick Greiner Main West upgrading to 40,000 per hour each way as better than the long-term, high risk & cost, and low effectivity West Metro*
  3. I extended the Main West to a  balloon loop at Badgerys giving the best transit connections in the world
  4. Baird and Berejiklian rejected Google at White Bay because the Goanna was and is the only transit option
  5. They announced West Metro as next priority - no due diligence, repeating past mistakes + waste (cf iA and Grattan)
  6. Turnbull put money into CLARA fast rail which would approach from the SW
  7. Turnbull went (Berejiklian’s follower since the beginning of the Eastern Suburbs tram days)  so she said she’d go it alone- generally as well as four possible fast rail routes out of Sydney CBD
  8. Herald tyro wrote one up as using “the rail line to Badgerys” when that is MY idea which Berejiklian had pushed away.  He did not mention the City Deal Clanger which cuts off Parra CBD and the Aerotropolis.  That journo has refused me “balance”:  generally, the Herald lacks expertise and nous in city and regions matters in my long considered view.

  • *  same alignment as CBD Metro = “Baird Labor Govt” + possible impossibility of tunnelling + creating new choke point in the CBD (not learning from history - a permanent limit on Metro capacity).  Same, I said, at The Spit and Berejiklian spent $77 million proving me right = her usual lack of skill
  • ** now WestConnex is to dump 20,000 (20%) extra vehicles of at Rozelle and the ONLY possible relief is the Goanna package (multi elements).  Two former D-Gs and ARUP and Dean at UNSW described it as the best idea since Bradfield - the only barrier is that Berejiklian hates me for predicting the George St Tram Disaster back in 2010 and onwards

So this is another example of Berejiklian slyly stealing my IP just as she did on the Parra-Epping Link and Bankstown Metro five economy measures, saving hundreds of millions of dollars.  

The following table shows the specifics and seeks compensation as well as the same fate as in UrbanGrowth - public disgrace and sacking.


Basis of Valuation

Valuation of IP is similar to valuing real estate - the record of recent comparators. The scale of payments to consultants has changed since 2008. The above numbers are matters of record – and it is important to note that the $77 million and $80 million produced no value, while the $100 million is obscene.

These numbers do not include, as an example, KPMG's idiotic reports on pro-council amalgamations (since 1998).

The Bairdijiklian Malenomics model has produced the greatest waste and greatest mis-use of consultants in history.  

Using the City Deal's $100 million as the most recent precedent ...

Recent reports (2020) indicate that the cost of the Bankstown extension is about $3 billion less than was publicised - meaning the valuation of my "economies" is vastly greater than any of the consultant reports above.

The plagiarisms have been on a grand scale as established by Berejiklian and Turnbull (disposition follows) and with many smaller ones (sample here):

  1. NSW government bows to pressure over length of Bankstown Rail Closures” – SMH 7 June 2018, and other stories: I regarded the Bankstown Metro as incompetently planned and badly designed, and published, under copyright, major elements of “waste”, from 2015, and took apart the housing target in the Bankstown Torch and in correspondence. Berejiklian brazenly-stole housing pause, non-straightening of platforms, eliminating of passenger chutes and use of existing assets, after insisting her elements were intrinsic. Value not less than $17 million
  2. Greater Sydney Commission and Infrastructure Australia in lock-step over “30-Minute City” issues: I criticised GSC’s draft District Plans and overall structure plan (acceptance of Government’s incompetent Plan for Growing Sydney) as being without empirical or theoretical value, over-accepting of linear densification which precluded widespread residential adaptation, lacking funds for worthwhile “expressnets” but wasting huge amounts on ripping up one transit system or another and replacing with a modes of higher cost and lower service outcomes. GSC has no independence and no basis to include “metrics” in its inflexible framework. It excluded options and contained no scenario-testing along the lines of the RTA’s (1993). GSC adapted its words accordingly and iA fell into line with Future Cities’ minor scenario-testing. Also, my criticisms of wider rail planning produced the Western Sydney rail options which contained evasive provisions which led to replacement of heavy rail by SW metros – in totally inappropriate contexts. The “30-Minute” and “Three Cities” concepts are inappropriate PR nonsense and iA concluded they would not work but GSC should continue as they’re such nice people. Value not less than $50 million due to the intrinsic and reputational aspects and step towards credible re-planning
  3. Turnbull backed-off his Budget glorification of the unlegitimised Bankstown Metro and value-capture (correspondence and major piece on onlineopinion) as another example of “public affairs” usage – value $10 million as the lack of sustainable financing remains a major deficiency overall
  4. Baird took his “asset conversion” and “special projects unit” out of my correspondence, value $100k
  5. Berejiklian rejected the Parramatta/Epping link as part of her battle with PM Gillard including reversing my work on the “shovel ready projects” in 2009 which she had loved the previous year; and rejected my many exhortations to restore it in the context of the Main West, but surreptitiously worked it onto page 33 of the Freight and Ports Strategy in 2018! (although it was not in the 2017 Draft), value $5 million
  6. A parallel process happened in the land connections to Ports Botany, Newcastle and Kembla, with Turnbull turning my criticism of a lack of planning into a corrupted inquiry by the CEO of the "Botany Club" and ARTC into really stupid exercises on long tunnels and trackage at massive cost if they were in any way feasible.  Value $10 million.
  7. Similarly I worked for RailCorp on the economics of the most prospective PPP, the ANZAC Metro, which was dropped by Richmond, McGregor and Staples and Co in Iemma’s Office; but they then started to talk about bringing it back BUT AFTER PUTTING IN THE TRAM. This is a total mess which had been professionally worked out by Graham, Unsworth, Messiter and others on the RailCorp Board and in my presentations to Premier Rees, UNSW, the AJC and Randwick City Council.  Value $5-6 million
  8. GSC added a community forum after I had criticised GSC’s arse-about protocols and lack of engagement (theirs is a false process).  Value - useless as GSC is useless
  9. I pounded Baird and Berejiklian (and Barilaro) for breaking their word over an allocation of $6 billion from poles and wires - the Nats did nothing.  See in February 2018 as a greeting in Goulburn to the Goulburn Cabinet meeting - at which they were few smart politicians, it seems.  The release of Snowy Mountains funds points to a 1% fee being $40 million, which is about right as Fed and NSW bureaucracies do very little of worth

The greatest benefit from my work if the PM and Treasurer would but listen is the redesign and massaging of the WS City Deal which is a deadly mistake by the Turnbull Mad Hatter’s party.

All of these matters have professional and national value. The money amounts are valued in accordance with the previous notes.  Additional cases will be added as necessary.