accountabilities for thieving my IP are increasing

The costs and consequences of mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis are appalling.


PMs Turnbull & Morrison: serious negligence

Firepath housing safety

Consistent offers to settle since Dec '15 (Baird & Berejiklian also) were ignored.

Since, I have pounded them about "killing children and harming families in firepaths".  This deadly fire season has led me to publicly accuse PM Morrison, Treasurer Frydenberg and PM CoS Kunkel:

1. “Save Sydney” offers will expire imminently – the PM will address that or not, but if not, the opportunity will be lost. The value to the Morrison Government would be very substantial, while it is the only chance for the NSW Government to rescue its reputation.

2. My work has been high-value to the Governments since Askin and up to Carr – and now that my work has been ignored (at massive cost) and stolen (in monumental scale), I want to be paid what I’m worth. Baird’s deliberate ostracisation forced me out of my domicile in 2013. 

Compensation is not negotiable.

3. The payment will be dispersed in line with my values:

a. My family

b. Save the Children – a most significant amount

c. farm drought relief – a device not included – or even mentioned – in the current approaches

d. demonstration stormproof and fireproof houses – cheaper than conventional to build – in Queensland (2), NSW (3), Victoria (2), South Australia (2) and Tasmania (1 – they have 3 already) – an interest since my direct involvement in the great fires of 1979 (Wollondilly), 1994 (Sydney widespread) and 2013 (Blue Mountains)

e. “forgotten heroes” biographies through the JDF Society, in all States and Territories

f. the first pure solar train

4. I fiercely resent the political appointees who are making mistake after mistake to the disadvantage of Australia, and who are blocking my and others’ work for their own ego protection.

The essence of success is "options"

The essence of failure - the Bairdijiklian Malenomic" status quo, could only work through the exclusion of options.  The interlinked political maestros, the political appointments, the embedded infrastructure and banking lobbyists, and the compromised committees and boards, comprised the "30-Minute Club" which was devised after the initial plans of the Greater Sydney Commission were revealed to be irrelevant, superficial, un-empirical (non-evidence-based), and lacking all professional elements except desktop publishing.

They steadfastly blocked all options and dragged in key journalists.  PM Turnbull's departure saw PM Morrison and Treasurer Frydenberg continuing the full "stench", especially through GSC.

To quote Berejiklian's mentor, O'Farrell,  

… we will start the change to reverse the clutches of Labor's central control, and give back to local communities at all levels as much decision-making, and participation, as possible - because we understand that people who live with those decisions, and who will directly benefit from those decisions, have a much greater interest in making the right decisions than bureaucrats and Ministers located elsewhere...”.

He was right in theory and completely dunderheaded in practice.


The options the community would love

a. The CBD Traffic Oasis and circumferential by-pass route, Transit Boulevard, Goanna Transit Bridge, linking eastern and western transit systems, The Fireworks Tower as the new icon, 16,000 housing units, and NW and SE “expressnets” off the end of the Bridge. All per-reviewed at the highest levels. Initial value was $100 million on the Lord Rogers scale; but since, the Goanna is the only way of relieving the 20,000 (20%) extra vehicles to be dumped of WestConnex at Rozelle. The PM has no choice but to endorse this incredible piece of innovative thinking if he wants to keep his “sprawl-busting” credibility. IP value not less than $125 million on international scales.

b. Creative Reconstruction of NSW Local Governance was requested by Chris Hartcher but subverted by LG mayors and officials for their hedonistic and egotistical reasons. It would solve 100 years of LG angst and give the GSC a better model to be a true “Greater Sydney Council”. 

c. Eddington Bedrock and Eastern Seabord Rail Development Plan being full of urban innovations (which Turnbull promised to generate and failed but punished me for mine!) 

Various local solutions such as Bondi Beach Expressnet, SydUni/Redfern Expressnet, extension of the innerwest Light Rail in an innovative manner, and Katoomba Gateway are all potential local winners to a smart Government. The ReviveBlueMountains tourism methodology is regarded as a template for the revival of tourism destinations, it being the first true application of UK Best Value 360 degree assessments.


Barangaroo Expressnet: fast, inexpensive, tremendously effective

A perfect illustration of Berejiklian's attitudes

I conceived this a decade ago and it has been peer-reviewed at the highest levels:  two ex-Commissioners for Main Roads and two other D-Gs, ARUP civic design and civil engineering, the Dean of Built Environment at UNSW, and an eminent traffic engineer.

 Governments and corporates are fighting over separate building design and placement issues; while Berejiklian is on a lunatic tangent to build a $30 billion non-solution instead of my $1 billion direct solution – she forced Google out on this point.  

Recently she has committed $4 billion to - nominally - move congestion by 1 kilometre to an even worse place;  and use the footnotes in a freight document to justify putting a small dock on what Baird and PM Turnbull said was "the most exciting urban redevelopment scheme in the world" - all because I conceived the option, not one of her changelings.

How can she justify denying my work to Sydney?  There is no leadership, no due diligence, no nous, in the Martin Place Nest.  It will achieve:

1. Linking of the street transit systems (bus and tram) on the eastern and western sides of the CBD via street systems and the construction of a curved Goanna Transit Bridge© from above Barangaroo to Rozelle off the tips of headlands (minimising land disruption). Its “mother” bridge was built 10 years ago at Coalcliff, costing just $60 million. Extending for length, the Goanna would cost about $500 million – cheap for its great value (allow $1 billion)

2. Resolution of CBD congestion by the elimination of 7 E/W conflicted intersections through a circumferential road and transit boulevard – where the Jan Gehl and George St tram schemes ignored the realities

3. Provision of fast transit through The Bays to the Victoria Road corridor at Rozelle, including the Overseas Passenger Terminal and White Bay Power Station (the Google site, now foregone due to delays in providing transit enablement)

4. Relief of the ANZAC Bridge (and speeding-up buses) which is about to experience 20% more congestion (20,000 vehicles per day) off the WestConnex works – this meets Prime Ministerial B/S promises where Berejiklian’s approaches defeats them

5. Promotion of walking and cycling in extension of current programs, and

6. Provision of a basis of a long-term fast transit service using Flexity Swifta or similar tram/trains to link street and rail transit systems. (This is urban innovation but of a type well-known in Europe, checked by a former Bombardier senior engineer.) One stream could run to Victoria Road and thence North Ryde; the other via Norton Street and back to Central via three universities and two regional shopping/services centres.

Since Google’s departure, the concept of The Fireworks© apartment and mixed-use tower was developed by RG. This might be 110 floors in height with the Goanna Bridge going through its middle, creating a transit and retail/services structure over several floors. Two vertical firing pipes would allow spectacular fire curtains to harmonise with the Harbour Bridge’s firework curtain. The configuration would be developed by a Joint Venture: the Goanna is an “un-locking” stratagem.

Other firing sites through the CBD are vertical.

The JV return to the Government/s is estimated as up to $1 billion depending on the competence of their negotiating teams.  The value to the broader economy and community would be many billions over say 30 years.

No competing transit scheme is available – the West Metro proposal sits on a different orbit as will be seen. The tram line is indirect, “remote” from mainstreets and nodes, and slow – it offers nothing but farce in terms of serving the Overseas Passenger Terminal. 

There was a foolish thought bubble to install an overhead “skyway” which shows the monopoly on good ideas the Goanna represents. It has to be added that developers are complaining that the governmental context was bad but is now getting worse, with a slow-down on the way without meaningful governmental response.

The West Metro is not a fast transit service

The CBD-toParramatta corridor has been studied and re-studied for generations.  The best option is unquestionably Greiner's INSW's with my Badgerys loop line - to give the best transit of all world cities.

Berejiklian has corrupted the whole process, from the Fish Markets, Blackwattle Bay, the cement batching plant, Glebe Island and White Bay.

Her West Metro will be the fourth failure on geo-tech grounds, she has already been slapped for The Spit deceitful volte face.  Rodd Staples is so quiet on what he does know but shoosh!

Berejiklian has happily piled $ billions onto the Rozelle catastrophe and killed Morrison's congestion credibility there and in St George.

20,000 extra vehicles a day at Rozelle will become 50,000 in effect when construction and route entanglement are considered.


Results would be faster, cheaper and more effective

Does PM Morrison really care about "busting congestion"?


It has been shown that Bairdijiklian projects tend to produce the opposite outcome to that intended.  The Greiner/Eddington quotes show why and how.

If the Morrison Government continues to endorse, without professional acumen, the West and St Marys Metros, the Redfern-Waterloo transit entanglements, the false "fast rail" maybes, and the Rozelle/Northern Beaches mega-deceit, Sydney will become an even more intensive "congestion farm".



Berejiklian's obsessions are wasting so much, her debt obsession is so deadly to future generations - this is CITICIDE.