a typical mess

What is true here applies to all of Sydney

Controversy has stirred about the future of the Energy Security Board which is chaired by a person mentioned elsewhere, Dr Kerry Schott.

The NSW Minister Matt Kean says 

  • Ms Schott was "doing a great job" as ESB chairwoman.  
  • "The ESB has played an important role in ensuring that the NSW government and the COAG Energy Council receive consistent advice across the market bodies," Mr Kean said. "In my view, that’s why we need the ESB to continue or a similar body in place to perform that role."

Danny Price, managing director of Frontier Economics, is arguing that "the cosy relationships targeted by regulators in industries such as banking have instead been solidified in the electricity sector".

  • The creation of the ESB in particular was "the very thing the original NEM designers said must not happen in order to avoid the conflicts of interest we now see"
  • "The ESB should have been throttled at birth and it should now be done in," Mr Price said on Wednesday, adding that recent near misses of mass blackouts during heatwaves suggested the market had become "a basket case".

Director of the Victoria Energy Policy Centre, Bruce Mountain said 

  • while the ESB members and staff were characterised by "passion and hard work", ongoing governance and operational troubles of the electricity sector provided "no confidence that the existing institutional settings are appropriate".
  • "Consumers surveys repeatedly show consumers simply do not trust the energy industry [and] rightly so," Dr Mountain said. "It is time that the technocrats and bureaucrats stopped trying to make up for the shortfalls in policy and ensured responsibility is sheeted back to where it belongs: government."

This is so reminiscent of the vacuous state of Premiers, Treasury, planning and transport agencies in NSW whose Tin Soldiers focus on NOT making the Premier and Ministers responsible for ANYTHING